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  • Good morning:

    We've spoke before over on ifish... screen name (Taverner). I was asking advice about Hart mountain bow antelope. I don't frequent that sight much anymore but when I saw your over here thought I would say hello.
    I decided to not apply for Hart bow antelope this year. I drew a WY unit 68 antelope instead. I'm heading there the last week of September hoping to catch them in the rut.
    I was hoping you could give me some advice? My hunting partner and I have 9PP average here in OR for deer. We were considering Hart bow. Since your more familar with Hart do you feel these hunts are worthy of the 9 PP? Which of the 3 hunts do you feel is the best on the refuge? If not what other hunt(s) would you recommend?
    Did you draw anything good this year? I did PP's in CO deer, WY elk/deer, UT. NV struck out on everything. Still deciding what unit to apply for there next year for bowhunting deer? Looking for a backpack hunt with chance of P&Y class deer.

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