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  • Hey man,

    I’m new to this site. I’m always on archery talk. Don’t know if this is a private message or not - I apologize in advance if it distorts antrhing. How’s 140$ sound for the guide vest and attack pants?

    Thank you!

    Saw your post on compact binoculars. I don’t have one for sale, I personally just picked up a pair of Swarovski 8x30 cl companion, love them, they were last years model and I got a great buy because of that. That was literally like a week and a half ago. Not sure if you live near one or not but that would be a good option.
    Another suggestion, if you have a cabelas near you, to go in and find what looks good through your eyes, Swarovski also makes a pocket companion 8x25, new I think is 820. But..I just found out (of course after I just dropped 800 on mine) that you can go to eBay and get cabelas 100 dollar gift cards for 80 bucks shipped free to your house. I found that out from the gear deals section on this website. Think that would put you around 650 for the pocket models brand new. Cabelas also sells their line of meopta which is lifetime warranty and great optics. Don’t know if they have the compact size though
    Hope this helped?
    I'm interested in the 722. By "varmint hunted extensively" do you mean carried a lot and shot a little or does it have a fairly high round count? Does out come with any brass or ammo?
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