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  • Hey sorry about the late response I am bad at the social media thing. I couldn’t even figure out how to read our previous messages to get the correct context lol. But the Frank Church...it was amazing! I love that place. Climbing and hiking in those hell holes makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing out there. There’s easier places to hunt with more animals. There’s better quality in easier areas. There’s better quantity in other areas, and on and on and on. But yoi get to the top, can’t see a sign of human interference as far as you can see and it’s worth it.

    The most challenging hunt I’ve ever been on but I hope to go back at least every couple years.

    I’ve got some pictures I’ll happily share with you if I can figure out how send them. What area do you hunt in there? I get it if you don’t want to share just curious. We were in 27, beautiful country.

    I’ll give the play by play of the hunt if you want it let me know! Great adventure though
    I hope I am not bothering you but I noticed you are from idaho and you comment frequently on questions about elk zones. My name is Trevor Jones and this will be my first trip to idaho. I am leaning heavily towards the south central portion of 36a. I have tried to do my homework on elk numbers, bull to cow ratio, and hunting pressure but I was curious if you had any insight you could provide? Am I thinking right? lol i plan on packing in roughly 4 miles this will be a September archery hunt. please feel no pressure on this i thank you for your time and i really appreciate any information you might provide
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