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  • Unfortunately I'm out of town now for the weekend! I can tell you that it was worn two times, never saw any blood (unfortunately for me) and has been laundered with nixwax tech wash once and is in brand new shape. Im a non smoker, no pets. If you're willing to wait until Monday I can definitely send a few pics over though.
    I just got your payment. It looks like you sent it as a friend so PayPal didn't collect the fee. I'm going to refund you the payment, would you mind sending it again?

    When you go to send the payment. Go to "Send & Request" at the top of the screen and then click on "Pay for goods or services" on the left. Then enter my email address, $62.04, then make sure your shipping address is correct.

    Sorry for the confusion. I create the shipping label through PayPal, so that's why I need it to go through this way.

    Thanks again,
    Ryan N.
    3% on the $60. So you should send $62.04.

    I'll pack these up after work and get them on there way to you.

    Thanks for buying and I hope you enjoy them!
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