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  • I hear you were looking for an Exo 4800 bag I have a brand new one that I’m asking 265 for before I send back to EXO. It’ll save you 20 bucks on shipping


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    How much are you asking for frame and pack?
    Unsure what you are asking…..
    $500.00, it is a new pack and frame, never been used. I can text you pictures.
    Hey Luke - answered on the thread I started in more detail, but I used a combination of forums, magazines, Montana FW&P website, conversations with biologists, and a whole heck of a lot of time on Google Earth. Biggest part was just committing to going!
    Hey Bozeman... Sorry for not responding sooner. I just saw your message. Would you be willing to split the difference and go $210 shipped to your door? Let me know! I also have a 26" duplex frame with curved back and medium belt in foliage that I'll be selling soon, as well as a foliage grab-it II, if you're interested in either of those...
    Not yet. If this thing doesn't move in a week, I'll see if my friend will consider your offer. Thanks.
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