Warm, quiet, somewhat weatherproof camo for N. Idaho archery


Junior Member
Oct 2, 2022
I’m in the market for some new camo after wearing cabelas special 20$ pants/20$ long sleeve shirt for a long time. I archery hunt the Idaho panhandle, where it is 30-40 degrees for the morning hunt and 70+ by the afternoon and going into the evening. Looking for something warm, quiet and durable and somewhat weatherproof. I was hunting with a buddy decked out in kuiu rain gear after it had started raining and you could hear him walking from a mile away, especially when bushwhacking. Is there any somewhat weatherproof gear that is quiet (I assume no) ? I was cold and miserable in my cheap gear but I certainly didn’t sound like vinyl rubbing together, which is not a sound that elk associate with natural timber sounds. Basically what I’m looking for is something warm, durable, quiet and maybe somewhat weatherproof. I don’t mind putting on rain gear if it starts coming down but I’d rather keep that rolled up in my pack until it’s needed. I’m not bashing kuiu by any means, just looking for gear that would fit my preferences. Whether it be kuiu, Sitka, skre, etc.