Vortex Head/Mount Question


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May 13, 2020
Alright Rokslide folks......

I know what I am trying to accomplish here, but I'm struggling to efficiently search what I need to make it happen because I don't know what "terms" to search. And with the nearest outdoors store hours away it is tough to just go look in person.....

Pic #1: topside of my vortex high country tripod. Shows the head that came with the tripod and fits my vortex binos properly.

Pic #2: bottom of vortex razor spotter and the vortex quick release that I thought was going to solve my problems but does not.

What are my options/products to make this tripod able to fit the binos and the spotter?

Thanks in advance, didn't want to spend hours falling down Google search rabbit holes.

***** EDIT: Problem solved ***** : Vortex got back to me and said they will send me a replacement plate that will fit.


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