Torque insensitive bows


Sep 29, 2022
I use the now discontinued ultraview grip for the engage grip. It's got a little more high wrist to it, flat back. Haven't used the newer replacement of it.

Shrewd makes some nice grips as well.

Do you have tape on it? I don't get why people put something grippy on a bow, you need to have consistent placement, and something sticky will tend to grab your skin and push things around.

What rest do you have on it? The hunting bows from Mathews anymore I tend to need to get the rest right up against the riser.
No tape, just the original grip. I have the QAD drop away and I’ve been able to shoot bullets through paper. I just find myself chasing groups and I think it’s because of gripping it slightly different each time I shoot. My old MQ1 had the big wooden handle with more of a neutral grip and it was easy to grip the same every time. Thank you, I’ll take a look at those grips.


May 8, 2022
I have an older elite Pulse from 2012 that I really like the grip on, though it’s more of a speed bow so not the most forgiving. I have been looking to upgrade and considered sticking with Elite for the grip and good prior experiences.

I did a DEEP dive on all the newer elite bows and consistently see the Elite Remedy touted as one of the easiest to tune and shoot bows ever made. It has that same great Elite grip too. They can still be found online fairly easily both used and new.

The newest Elite bow, the Ethos, seems to be an upgraded Remedy and people are really liking it as well.

You might check out ArcheryTalk, that forum is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to archery.


Jun 7, 2023
Any aftermarket grips you guys would recommend that would help with some of the torque sensitivity I experience with my VXR?

Now that Tim Gillingham is shooting a Mathews, I believe the company that he uses to make the grips that he sells is now making them for Mathews. Not sure if they have one for a VXR but you could ask him. He has a FB page where he sells them and is pretty responsive to answering comments asking a question about them. Page is called Tim Gillingham Hammer Archery.
Many say they are great grips and really like them. They are a slip fit grip and come in 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 in both a narrow and wide. I believe they will do custom angles as well, I read somewhere that Paige Pearce uses a -2° from them.
That would be the first grip I'd check out if I had a Mathews right now.