Feb 6, 2021
A little thanks is needed to be given to those hunters and fellow members of this site and sites like this one.
I don't think enough gratitude is given to all who give the help and understanding of those Hunters that are hunting in New States and Units within.
Then there's the Pros and Cons of the gear used getting ready for a once in a lifetime hunts.
We can all understand those who feel these secret little hideaways are possessed by them and them alone more than likely are not of a true statement. So, we honor all by a PM to each who feel this way. It works for each outdoors men/women who has questions on these whether it be Hunting, Gear or just practical questions.
I for one with my son putting in for a once in a lifetime hunt in NM Gila Units have had so many hunters help with what to expect on each unit we applied for. These are hunters not only from NM but from all walks of Lifes, in every state which we live. Too me that is pretty special even hearing from those who really don't like the NR issues.
We are all hunters trying to do doing the same things. Regardless of which State we live in the NR issues will never go away.
The number of states I have been fortunate to draw on these elk and Deer hunts have been with much gratitude too those on these sites. They are there for questions and answers and for those who take the time and do so is pretty Damn special to say the least.
So, thank you all for the time given to each one of us who might have a special question to ask. Mike76