Swaro 95mm objective, worth the weight?


Feb 14, 2019
I am a new owner of a swaro atx system, I was able to pick it up new in the box from someone who intended to use it for birding but went a different route and sold it to me for for way less than just what they eyepiece is worth. I feel incredibly lucky to stumble upon the deal.

That being said, it came with a 65mm objective and I am debating whether or not adding a 95mm would be a worthwhile venture. Primary use for the spotter is mostly non backpacking mule deer hunts and long range shooting. Will the 65mm objective leave me wanting more light gathering abilities on hunts? Is the 95 worth the extra weight to pack around steep country? Previous spotter was an angled vortex razor 85mm and while it did the job, I was never happy with it and it always left me wanting more, especially after I picked of a new set of the 12x42 NL pures. Looking through the NLs on a tripod on my last mule deer hunt and then through the 85mm razor led me to never wanting to pull it out unless I had to.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


May 19, 2014
So Cal
The 85 and the 115 gather the most light out of the 4 objectives, look at the exit pupil. I would say if you are using it for a spotter at the shooting range it would be nice, but if using it to look for critters, I want low light performance so I would lean towards the 85 as a good all around option. (I have looked through all 4 objectives many times and currently own the 85mm with the STX and BTX eye pieces.) Just my opinion.