Spike Bull Queston


Well Known Rokslider
Aug 10, 2018
Oxford NC
This question requires a story.

I was hunting during Archery season 2 years ago in Montana. In my unit I could take either a cow or bull with brow tines.

I was standing in some think stuff and suddenly saw a Elk within 15 yards of me. It was shady in there and again lots of brush but I thought it was a cow. I drew back and took a shot and fortunately my arrow hit something and took off into the wild blue younder. The Elk didn't react much and still hadn't seen me so I put another arrow in the bow when the elks head was turned. Fortunately the elk walked even closer to me and was sideways and busy browsing so I drew back again but when I did I saw that it had a set of really tiny horns. Not like a spike but more like you might see on a very young deer if not smaller. So I let off and let it walk away. It probably wasn't twenty feet away when I drew the bow back. It looked very large, larger than a spike too, but no brow tines so I didn't take the shot. What did I see? Later I wondered if it could have been a really old bull or a freak cow?