Spartan Davros vs Davros Pro for glassing


Oct 31, 2016
British Columbia
Hey guys. I finally got my hands on a Davros head in store and really liked the look and feel of it. It definitely seems to be high quality. I am hoping to purchase a Javelin Lite (long), Davros head for tripod and Heavy duty optics adapter. Unfortunately the store didn't have the adapters so I wasn't totally able to see how the system would work for glassing.

I'm just wondering what peoples opinions are for using the basic davros as a glassing platform. I get that its just a simple ball head but are you able to pan when its locked in place? I would be using this mainly for 10x42 binos and then a light spotter in the future.

I'm just curious as I see they have a new davros pro head coming soon that has a dedicated pan feature and a more robust ball head. It is twice the weight tho and I don't know enough about all of this to know if it is worth it.

Additionally I'll gladly take opinions on the Javelin Lite vs the pro tac. The pro tac legs seem awesome in hand and functioned flawlessly. I'd love to just purchase the pro tac but at over twice the price I'm having a hard time committing. I'm thinking I could just purchase the pro tac legs separately in the future if I find I need them (and save some more) and then the only thing I would be missing is the leg lock out on the main body of the bipod.

As always thanks. I'm very appreciative of all the knowledge and experience shared.


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Aug 17, 2017
Western MT
Bipod thoughts first - get the pro hunt tac long. The pro hunt version does great in warmer weather, but the twist locks are very stiff in the cold. The tac solves this issue with the spring loaded legs, and only a slight weight penalty.

I am going to try glassing with the lightweight optics adapter and shooting with the davros on a two vets no name jr tripod. I haven’t received the davros yet, but I’m already wishing I would have gotten the pro for better grip on the ball head and thus more stability. I’d like to hear other thoughts on this as well.

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