Sitka Tall vs kryptek altitude sizing


Jul 6, 2018
My local stores do not carry the altitude lineup. Not knowing if it’s sized the same as the rest of their pants I want peoples opinions. I haven’t used kryptek in a few years and their sizing has changed atleast from a labeling standpoint. Work jeans I’m a 36x34. My old Alaios gear is labeled 32reg for example, and fit ok.

I’ve spent the last couple years using Sitka and needed to use their 36 Tall. With all this in mind, what is the consensus about the sizing I might want to choose for the altitude? Thanks for your time!
Jul 22, 2020
I've always felt that the pants are true to size. I have had some issues with their jackets though. My lykos fits snug, my tora soft shell is a bit more roomy, and my Koldo rain jacket runs way too big. I also just got the Arma fleece zip hood and that runs a half size big so I sized it down. Basically, most of my kryptek gear is all different sizes. It's a shame cause kryptek wasn't this bad when I started using it 4 years ago.