Sitka Ambient


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Jun 27, 2019
The Boot
if you like the short sleeves and pocket than don't upgrade. I bet most wouldn't know the difference in performance between kelvin active hoody and the ambient hoody.

Agreed, I have both and performance wise its not much different. Ended up sewing a kangaroo pocket on the ambient hoody. But I pick between the 2 based mostly on what other layers Im wearing. I will bring the ambient if I think it will more than likely be my outer layer or under a jetstream vest just to take the chill off. Ill bring the belichick if I think Ill layer over top with a jetstream or traverse jacket and want to keep the bulk off my forearms for the bowstring. Basically use the KAH when other layers have sleeves. Ambient as outer layer or under a vest. But thats just because I have both. I could do all of that with either one and it would be fine.

But I think if you already have a KAH, you wont see much difference in going to the Ambient. Both are 2 of my favorite pieces Ive used.
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