Scope help


Dec 27, 2020
So I'm revisiting this as I need a scope recommendation. Long story short I put everything on hold due to a home purchase and after a apple store trip by the Missus I now have permission to buy a rifle which 9/10 will be a Tikka T3X (can't justify a Seekins or Alamo Precision.) Anyway looking to keep this in the 5-600 range with 700 as a max. Prefer SFP but open to FFP. This will be used 500 and in but I prefer to dial. A zero stop/reset is a must and locking turrets if it fits in the budget.


Feb 17, 2018
I dont think you’ll find what you want in your budget that gets recommended here, without an extremely long backorder or buying used.
Perhaps something like this? (I have no knowledge of this individual scope, just a contender model)

Also maybe credo 2.5-15 wouldnt take too much of a budget stretch, or a used nightforce shv, maybe a bushnell lrhs or lrts. Those are the closest scopes to your feature set and pricepoint Id want to do much dialing with. I also like a zero stop and you can use shims in some models that dont come with a zero stop (swfa, nf shv) but virtually nothing exists close to your budget that will get recommended with a locking turret.

Edit: ffp reticles do exist that are good for hunting, just may not be on your preferred model, etc. i personally would never own a sfp scope with a graduated reticle that had a max power over 10-ish because Ive proven to myself that I cannot reliably use the reticle subtensions on any magnification other than max.
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