WTS/WTT Scammer on the prowl


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Jan 15, 2013
I made a mistake today when I purchased an item on the forum. I thought I had posted a private message but it was on the public link. A scammer caught on to it and used my information to text me. I thought was someone that is a well known Rokslider and didn't worry. The scammer used the phone number 414 375-5361 and the name came up Teresia Njari on the pay pal. I was tipped off when this person kept asking for $30 just to ship a small watch and asking if " I'm still there". Do not fall for this and do not send money if this phone or name is used. This is the first time that this has happened to me. I have been a member here for 9 years.
Happy Holidays


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Jan 3, 2019
Edmonton AB
Remarkable !!!!
Anyone who signs up for rokslide
Should have to call an admin and confess to either being sterile or send in a picture of the first borns BC lol.

It's honestly getting outta control
Ive backed out of a few deals now.

Really don't know if it was valid or not. But just got the gut feeling.

It's too bad a few Thieving assholes make it crappy for the rest of us.

Maybe we set it all up so we send in 5.00 a month or we get the boots

Prob still won't deter

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