Ram 2023

Jan 5, 2017
Battle Ground Wa
Currently having dinner at little Louie’s in Kotzebue after a memorable trip with Ram.

This is our second trip with our group hunting caribou out of Kotzebue, we went back in 2020….video here.

Transporter Review:

Whatever you may have read about Ram in the past (Pre 2018ish is THE past) They have been bought out. New Ram is everything you could want in a transporter.

Our group didn't rent gear from them so I personally can’t attest to the quality of it. But it appeared newer and none of the other hunters I spoke with had any issues or complaints. The office had all the food meticulously organized for the groups that went fully outfitted. The cargo containers for holding gear and packing up meat/horns etc was well stocked and Hunter was a 10 in helping us get everything packed up and weighed up for our flights home. THIS SAVED SO MUCH HEADACHE versus prior trips.

The operation is run very professionally and efficiently even though they have been dealt a crap deck with area closures (refer to other threads)

Bottom line, they delivered what they promised and then some.

Hunt Story:

We departed Portland Airport Friday September 15th, we texted Megan to confirm when we would be arriving for pickup. She confirmed pickup time and asked if we had all our tags and would be ready to fly out when we arrived….we had planned on picking up some small things (bread, bagels etc) at the market up here. Hunter picked us up from the airport and ran to Market to grab our wish list.

We were airborne to caribou camp three hours after landing in Kotz. Bonus day!!!! Canceled the hotel and off we went.

Traded out spots with some hunters from Oklahoma that had all the luck, the bou were migrating right down the draw several hundred yards from their camp (I hate those guys 😝) and tagged out with several nice bulls.

Day one was glassing the river area we were in to come up with the game plan for the week…


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Oct 27, 2021
Sounds awesome. Pretty sure we were the ones you replaced. Hope you guys had some luck.

Larry Bartlett

Rokslide Sponsor
Feb 13, 2013
Heard RAM was moving to FBKS for their fall operations starting in '25, has anyone verified this firsthand?


Jan 4, 2019
Extra thumbs up for RAM. We used them this year and killed 5 bulls in 6 days. If you want details feel free to reach out. I can also give a lot of first hand info on Arctic Air as well if you are interested in them. We hunted the same camp the OP hunted.