NM unit 45 youth mule deer hunt


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Apr 27, 2020
Ok so my son was lucky enough to draw a youth only mule deer tag for the week of Thanksgiving in NM unit 45. Have only hunted mule deer this late one other time and that was unit 30 youth hunt two years ago we found doe and elk, but couldn’t find the bucks. Currently my plan is this unless somebody wants to tell me terrible idea and point me in another direction. I’m thinking this unit as a lot of high elevation timber that I’m hoping will have snow by these hunting dates. Between the snow and what should be onset of rut I think? I’m looking at the area northeast of Espanola large chunk of BLM land that looks like PJ and sage country that I’m thinking deer will winter and rut in that area. Also with the later dates and possible rut activity I was hopeful to possibly find some bigger bucks maybe something in the 160 class. I have no idea really what to expect from this hunt. If my expectations are way out of bounds I would be happy to know so I can set them approximately. Thanks in advance.


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Oct 2, 2014
You may get lucky with snow with all the moisture we have had this summer but I would not count on it.

You may already know but a giant fire took out a good chunk of that unit this summer, whih could possibly benefit you pushing everything out of that large of an area.

Most of the spot I would have recommended are probably hit by that fire but PM if you like and I can help you out.