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Apr 8, 2018
Welcome to RS @Bjoornwolfr! Sorry for my vague post above. Some context may help.

There are some topics that come up periodically/every day hourly and some back and forth ensues. Scopes and calibers are two of those topics. I highly recommend reading some of the links to other threads posted above. (Short versions - scope durability should be chosen over any other scope characteristic, and bullets matter more than caliber.) You need not believe the points of view in those threads, but many do.

Sometimes those topics spiral, with questions unanswered, radio silence, references to "My Grandpa", Elmer Fudd, pictures of dead animals, etc. Just a heads-up!


Nov 6, 2013
You do you, and I and others will continue to advocate guys shoot cartridges that they can shoot well, because of reduced recoil. Between the 3 different threads we provided for the OPs research, my guess is the fellas consistently killing big game with "non-traditional" cartridges have killed more than 100 combined and congratulations on your success. Form has probably killed more than 100 big game animals with "small calibers" himself.

Regarding the 300 win mag, it is an excellent and proven cartridge no doubt. The recoil it delivers is also punishing and more than many people can comforably shoot. Moreover, compare it to a modern fast twist .25-06 and its a dead heat with the .25 pulling away at extreme distance. The 133 and 135 grain Bergers are "hunting" bullets and achieve very similar ballistics to the 134 ELDM if you don't like "match" bullets for hunting.

Look at the table and let me know what advantage the 300 win mag has over the heavy .257 inside 600 yards. The major negative it has at all ranges is about double the recoil.

Regarding the 6.5 PRC, it is also a good big game caliber. However, a very seasoned western hunter and guide that I know shot a big bull 7 times with one last year to finally put it down. The point being a marginally larger "caliber" does not in any way guarantee a bang flop on a deer or elk.

Comparing forms shooting to the average shooter is laughable at best. He shoots more in a year than most do in a lifetime.

There’s no replacement for displacement, I shoot a broke 300 Norma, it kicks no worse than a .270.

Felt Recoil is more a function of stock design and weight.

Keep posting numbers, I’ll stick with real life experience.
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Mar 11, 2014
If you work at a gun shop, do you reload? Or if you can get ammo for it the .280 AI is awesome, versatile round without too much kick.
Jan 23, 2014
Bullet construction seems to be a bigger factor than actual bullet diameter. There is a reason a lot of military weapons are the weight and caliber that they are. Less felt recoil to be able to consistently fire the weapon, for the average person.

A 270 Win will put you just about in the middle of all common calibers from 223 to 375, and has been killing animals for quite awhile now. There are 100 ways to skin an animal.