Need help finding kowa eyepiece te-9z


Jul 21, 2012
Whistler BC
I have a Kowa tsn-664 with an older 20x wide eyepiece. I've been trying to find for awhile now a used zoom eyepiece 20-60x te-9z to replace it for "way out there" paper holes. And really thats prob the only use id have for a 60x. Im not sheep hunting or judging antlers.

Ive found NADA, nothing on Ebay for a year.. , i put out a WTB/WTT but im not even sure if i need. Can someone talk me out of this? or point me to a site to find one. The b&H, adorama, opticplanet are $330. Anyone know any of the birding sites classifieds?

Who has experience with that eyepiece on a 66 or 60 body? Will it give me a crystal clear picture at 60x? I see FOV is only 17.5yd which is fine for paper holes. Maybe i should just save the money and be happy with what i have, sure be handy to have though
Mar 14, 2016
They are tough to find used. $330 seems right for new. I have one on my 66 and it's pretty good. The eye relief and fov could be better but it's dang good up to around 50x and usable to 60x if you've got some light. It's noticeably better than the new razor 65 that I tested it against.