Montana Rifle Co. Junction 308Win Field Evaluation


Aug 23, 2018
Ian from MRC sent an AI bottom metal and new trigger spring. The new spring is a noticeable improvement in feel- no creep at all now. The bottom Metal will be great, but the inlet is different and the stock will need to be inletted and bedded.

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When you get contact on the action edge at the very back of the action it can cause accuracy issues if there's ANY movement in the bedding. I now clearance the rear with a layer of tape to avoid any issues. It's similar in behavior to the bolts contacting the stock in the pillars....random and unpredictable, but never good.


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Feb 18, 2021
Form, you need to educate your UM boys on CRF. That podcast they did on CRF was a disgrace. I found it an ignorant and arrogant display of dismissing firearm heritage!

Right now I am avoiding doing all the loading I need to do tonight for my 1000 yd BR rifles AND my CRF M-70 416 Rem that I am taking to first trip to Africa this Aug for Cape Buffalo. (I have now learned that makes me a fudd.) So I looked at a couple of threads here.

I guess you guys didn't see the follow up podcast on CRF, where I "educated" my compadres on CRF?

I went over the whole CRF thing, from the history to advantages to my personal experiences.

All my current hunting rifles are CRF M-70s, except for one, the 470 NE double rifle. I showed Taylor how I cut the extractor slot in an M-70 barrel and even loaned the shop one of my extractor cutters.

I don't know if we have done this at the shop yet, but I have personally installed a Wyatt's 3.825 mag box in a couple of CRF M-70s. If I ever do any "tacticool" shooting it will be with my CRF FN PBR that @Formidilosus was willing to buy from me if I sold it to him cheap......

So plenty of CRF education has taken place at UM, thanks to this fudd who pounded out 65 rounds through his unbraked CRF M-70 416 in four hours on Saturday to find a buffalo load.....

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