Late Post - RAM 2022 August

Sep 30, 2021
Houston, TX
Little late posting but we had a great experience with RAM. We went in on August 21.
They warned us that a lot of the hunters already in the field weren't seeing much. We didn't see a single caribou on the flight in. First day of setting up and glassing, and still no caribou. The morning we could hunt we got set up on a ridge line overlooking a pretty big valley, no caribou. About an hour in we spotted a massive heard about 3-5 miles away. We got packed up and started the hike. 3.9 miles later we got set up and I took the shot. 312 yards (.300WM) dropped my bull. Mine is the bull in the pack. As you can see from the other two bulls I should've waited to shoot, but the reports of no caribou scared me a little. Chris and I made the trek back to camp. As we came over the last ridge into camp there was a big bull standing 75 yards from our tent. We yelled at Aaron who was in the tent to get his rifle and hurry. He came out of the tent with crocs, a t-shirt, and smoked the bull at about 125 yards (Second pic) .300 PRC.

Second day we went and got the cape and antlers of my bull. On th e way back we saw no less than a couple thousand caribou. Fourth picture is maybe 50-75 yards from several shooters. That evening Chris set out by himself to look around. Within minutes we heard a shot .308 and he got himself a monster. Less than half a mile from camp.

We were all done be the second day we could hunt. Was using the InReach to text with another group only 15 miles from us and they didn't see a singe caribou during their hunt. We were seeing honestly probably over 500 a day. Many walking through camp. Sounds like we got extremely lucky.

We're booking for 2024 already!

Chris's Bou taken near camp.
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Aaron's bull shot literally in camp.
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This picture is on fly out day. Caribou just migrating 100 yards from our tent. This group had a couple monsters in it.
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Walking back from getting my cape and antlers. Regretting shooting on the first day at this point.
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My bull. First day we could shoot.
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Grizzyly that came into camp one evening. Got about 50 yards from us but was completely uninterested in us.
He had clearly come back that night though as he left us a present about 10 feet from our tent.
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