Sold Kuiu Storm Star 2P Major Brown

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Jun 15, 2016
Kuiu Storm Star 2P in Major Brown

Footprint and extra spikes included

Slept in this 2 nights. One night in Colorado on a Elk hunt when we spiked out from base camp, one night back East.

  • Bent one of the longer poles trying to put the longer pole in the short section, and while bending back on the corner of my kitchen counter to fix it, I put a kink in one piece, so I called Kuiu and told them what happened and they sent me a new link under warranty. I replaced that link. That pole is still not perfectly straight, but when you pitch the tent it takes the appropriate shape.
  • There is a mystery stain I have shown in pictures...smaller than a dime. Almost looks like rust.
  • Before I realized there was a ram head only on 1 side of the tent, I wrote "Head" with a black magic marker on that end of the tent, so I would know which side to put uphill.
  • The instructions from Kuiu mention a Yellow sleeve on the corners of the tent, but there is no Yellow. There is only Grey, Blue, and Orange. I corrected the instructions, and also labeled the poles, so there is no way to screw it up.

Selling because I want something a couple of pounds lighter, and also 3 season. This one is a little too warm/overkill for my purposes


20221128_120748.jpg 20221128_120702.jpg 20221128_111337.jpg 20221128_120803.jpg 20221128_113450.jpg 20221128_113824.jpg 20221128_113329.jpg
20221128_120820.jpg 20221128_120834.jpg 20221128_120849.jpg
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