Kifaru shelters without stakes/anchors???


May 16, 2012
This summer I hiked the entire John Muir trail in the Sierras. Of course my Kifaru backpack made the trip more enjoyable and the heavy loads managable after my resupply points. Before the trip I considered purchasing one of the Kifaru shelters, but decided to use my big angus tent instead. One key characteristic of Kifaru shelters I have trouble accepting is they are not free standing, you must use stakes/anchors points for the shelters to be secure (or just set up). I've used large rocks or stuff sacks full of snow or sand to help secure my tents and vestibules, but that is not needed to support the tent.

Basically this is what I would like to it possible to set up a Kifaru shelter with no stakes driven in the ground...under field conditions?? About 1/4 of my camps were on granite slabs or very shallow soil that would not support the stakes used as the primary anchor points for Kifaru shelters. Those camps were above treeline, where a shelter is needed most from summer monsoon thunderstorms.

Imagine setting up a paratarp in your concrete driveway...can it be done??? All of the pirctures and videos of Kifaru shelters I've seen stakes are used to support the tents.
Feb 24, 2012
You can tie a super tarp off to trees or rocks for a pitch and use no stakes.
Here is a pic of a camp I had one night. The end of the day found me camped on a rocky ledge. Nowhere to put a stake. Tied the corners off to rocks and the guy line to a rock.