WTB Kifaru Highlander DT1


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Mar 6, 2012
Milwaukee, WI
As the title states... I'm looking for a Kifaru Duplex Timberline 1 (DT1) or even a DT2 in Kryptek Highlander, preferably a G2 (A later released version). The later models were sewn to accommodate more useable space in the side pockets when the main bag was stuffed full. I do not need a frame or lid, just the bag.

If you are not sure what you have, that's fine we can work it out in the details. I know what to look for. Maybe we can work out a trade? I have some high end stuff to purge. Again, that can be worked out as well. I just missed a Timberline on here recently and have been kicking myself since.

Thanks for looking.
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