Fran Church late hunt

Feb 25, 2012
I have been hunting the Church 3 out of the last 4 years and while my partner and I haven't had great success on large bucks, I absolutely love the country. We have been hunting and bivying out of the same airstrip since we started and wanted to try a new area this year.
My biggest concern isn't what area to go into rather what area to NOT go into. I really don't want to show up to a tent city, as I know that can happen in there.
Would anyone care to PM me any Info? I would be willing to trade a little knowledge if anyone wanted.....
Jul 6, 2012
Auburn, Ca
i did your same hunt about a decade ago. had a really fun trip. didn't find any big bucks but did have some decent bucks spotted. passed a 4x4 with a sticker(28"i guess a 4x5). watched a mountain lion for a while sunning on a cliff. and have a great story about a hot springs in the backcountry :). I cant remember the air strip we flew to but if you name a few i'm sure i will remember. pm if you want. didn't connect on mr big but on the last day we had a contest from base camp. first success back to camp on the last day wins. beat my partner back to camp with at least 15 mins to spare. lill forky.
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