First bull!!


Jun 20, 2012
First time posting, my buddy told me i had to put this up with a little story.
i was one of the lucky guys to draw a washington handcock kapowsin tag this last year for elk. After being out of hunting for a couple years i couldnt believe it when i got the call telling me i got the tag. I instantly started heading up after work and weekends trying to find a beast. many miles and gallons of diesel i had a few good bulls picked out. through the middle part of our dry summer they locked us out due to fire danger. starting to worry more that i couldnt be in there watching them i knew it wasnt going to be a easy hunt but i also had 11 days to get it done. being that i have never shot a big game animal before i set a goal to shoot a 300 inch bull. now to the hunt. first day me and my hunting buddy set off with in an hour of light we were in a small group of elk with a couple of smaller bulls in it. with the weight of trying to shoot my first elk on my shoulders it was really hard to pass a nice 5x5. The next 5 days we spent up there hunting seeing elk everyday but not the one i wanted. it was friday morning we walked into a walk in only, a mile hike in the morning and we were set to over look an alder flat. As the light came so did the elk we watched about 20 cows and 5 bulls feed for a bit in the morning with the biggest bull being a 4x4 but we also seen two elk hiding way in the back not with the others. Forgetting the spotting scope in the truck we made the choice to pull out and come back in the morning with the spotiing scope. not seening anything the rest of the day i had high hopes for the next morning. Bright and early we go again to our look out we get set up and ready for light. light came and the elk werent there. But knowing they were there yesterdy we held out for another hour, then 2 elk stood up in the alders. First one walking out being a smalle but really nice 6x6. It fed really fast to the timber edge and hung out there the 2nd bull took a little bit more time coming out and when he steped out my heart drop because of the mass held through his rack. we decided he was the one we ranged him at 670 yard knowing that was a poke we ran down the hill and ranged him again at 630. Know where i had to aim at 550 we got setup for a shot. he stoppped nice for me feedin and i pulled the trigger it first shot was a miss i reloaded and shot 3 more times with all good shots. The big guy went 40 yards and laided down for his last time. we watched him for 30 min. making sure he wasnt getting back up. we made oour way back to the truck to drive around to go get him. By far the best feeling in the world. I took it down to the sportsmen show ato have it scorded and it ended up being a 305" bull I cant thank every enough for all the help they gave me through the summer and the hunt. hope you guys enjoy my story. Love the site big shout out to the guys at rokslide.




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Feb 27, 2012
Great looking bull! Nice mass to that dark antlered trophy. Thanks for sharing the story. Congrats Vandam!


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Feb 24, 2012
Liberty Lake, WA
Well done on a beautiful bull! That dark rack and white tips is awesome..........


Apr 25, 2012
Awesome bull, lovely style to that head, love his tops. Check out his pedicles, buggar all there, fairly old bull I would guess, well done.