First bull Down!!!

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Sep 5, 2022
Im 13 years old and I was lucky enough to draw a early rifle bull elk tag in unit 22N off of 3 points.
My brother in college was able to fly out on wenesday night, me and him drove up thursday morning and got at the cabin thursday afternoon we got to the glassing point at about 4:30, I sat down and immediately we started spoting elk and after seeing about 10 small bulls we spotted a shooter he probbly scored 320 and a cuple of minuets later my brother spots a big old bull like 1200 yds away we got the spotter on him and he was 350+ we watched him for about 20 mins then we headed back to the truck.
Next morning (opening morning) we made a plan to get to the same spot as the night before, we were about 10 mins away from where we park then we see a elk right off the road it lifts his head and it was him and he was a huge!!!! He spooked and we parked the truck abou 200 yds away and me and my brother jumped out and went after him we started hearing his bugle so we bugled back and he just was not comming in. We started hearing so many bugles he got away so we spent the rest of the morning chasing bugle and 2 small bulls got withing 10 yards but no shooters and at about 9:30 they shut up we desided that it was to thick so we left. saturday basicly saw a funky looking 6 by 2 and he was werid but cool I liked him he he had like the biggest 2 point I've ever seen, my uncle told us about him and we went after him but It was to thick. Sunday morning we went to a spot but there were a group of like 20 other hunters so we went to the spot where all my uncles spoted a sweet 330 bull like 4 miles away but it was not aprochable but even if he was he was on AZGFD property, we didint see anything Sunday afternoon. Next morning we went to and looked for that big bull but it started raining and we got all wet so we decided to go and drive the roads and look for elk, the rain let up and on are way back to the spot we saw some elk(it was monday morning and we were leaving the next morning so I was willing to shoot anything)(also my first elk hunt) we didn't see any bulls at first but then we saw a sweet little 5x6 so we set up and no good shots so me and my brother literaly ran as fast as we could he was standing broad side at 80 yards I was shacking my butt off and I shot frehandedly and we thought I missed so we went after him and he was still bugling so we looked for blood for about 3 hours and nothing we got back to the truck and I just felt horable and like I let everyone down, went back to the cabin ate I took a 2 hour nap woke up we got in the car we were driving and my dad was talking about how my uncle was driving and he spotted his 400inch bull right where he were driving so we pulled off the road and pulled out the binos and then I heard the magical sound of somone saying elk!! So we took out the spotter and and we saw goofy looken spike like 700yds off the road my dad was like no too much for a spike me and my older brother persuded my dad to let us to try so my dad droped me and my brother off as close as we could get in the truck(600yds), so we headed in it was armageddin in there is was all mansaneda and it was SUPER THICK in there so after and hour and a hlf or so we made it about 400 yard from where we marked him on ONX and we saw a little river bead so we walked dow to see if we could see anything and there he was standing at 350yds broad looking at us but the problem was We was literly 300yds strait up a super steep hill so my brother put his pack down I put the gun on it it didnt even get me looking half way up to him so I started digging with my elbo in the dirt for the stock and my brother got to big rock to lay the pack, on I got him and my brother said ''11 inches high'' so I put the cross ares on him said a quick prayer in my head amed a little above his back and BOOOOMMM!!!!(no ear plugs) so im hearing eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee then I hear ''you got him Put a nother in'' then BOOOOMMM!!!! ''HE'S DOWN'' I did'nt relize it yet but my nose was bleeding becuase I got scoped twice so I stood up and I was Shaking like a leaf in a hurracan and me and my brother just started crying with joy I think it was probbable the best momment of my life. So we headed back to the truck and we met up with my dad and my other brother we started up the mountain it took us one hour and 30 mins to get up there and then we found him he was right where I doped him by then it was 8:30 and we had to pack him out with 4 guys it was horrable but worth it we got to the truck at about 11:45 and headed home the next day
Thanks for reading and here are some pics!!!!


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Jan 15, 2022
Congratulations on the early rifle bull. I envy you because I'm not available to go during those hunt dates. You're very fortunate and you did very well. Congratulations!


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Aug 26, 2019
Just over the saddle
Hell yeah - I can see you've been skipping public school by your sentence structure and extremely long paragraphs.

Don't worry. The adults on here do that sh*t too. When you kill a bull you can write it up however you want as long as you submit some pictures for people like me that don't read very well.

Now that you're a savage apex predator, start working on forging your parents' signatures so you can excuse yourself from school again.

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