Finding the correct foods, chance of more moose


Feb 10, 2023
A moose diet will dictate where you can find more moose. Favorite foods are fireweed, willow, cottonwood, birch, poplar, spruce. A lot of alder in places goes untouched. Biologists have determined that alder produces a defense mechanism that makes it toxic to moose. An area covered in green alder will not hold moose.
So when selecting where to hunt you may want to study up on the habit in that area. If there has been any development around there is alders. And scattered areas. In S C ak we have a mixture.
Moose eating 40-60# of food a day, leaves put the pounds on faster. Then twigs up to larger branches. If you find sign like a lot of browsing of leaves you might consider moving along. To. And try to find some unbroused favorite foods.
If you're seeing cows with 2 calves, browsing area is good. If you're seeing leaves and the smaller branches browsed or larger branches. It's kinda grazed out in the summer.
My point being, creeks that have willow not alders. Some water vegetation near is better. Lots of really dense wet ares are cooler. Moose are hot with a hide like theirs. Bulls are kinda getting along till the girls start calling. Then they probably not sociable. Might find a big bull. Just like fishing, you will always find the biggest fish in the best holes.
Cows with calves seem to be in the mixed forests on the edge.
For me a strategy is finding a good place where the cows are. Find one with calves your in plentiful habits. Find a lot of favorite foods still available you will probably have moose foraging there way. Stay there or move towards the more ungrazed areas. Do a large circle. Kinda comes real natural to me. Jeesh.
Anyhows I think you get the concept. I don't hunt the mountains or western areas anymore. Still in south central. Mixed habitat so finding the correct food in the area will hopefully help you be more successful.
Or maybe I'm all wet