Crispi vs. Zamberlan

Sep 14, 2023
Chico, CA
Anyone have experience using both Zamberlan and Crispi? I've been using the Salomon Quest 4D GTX the past couple of seasons and haven't really had any issues with them, thankfully. However, looking to step up into a better boot this next year and looking specifically at the Zamberlan 1110 Baltoro Lite GTX RR, the Crispi Briksdal MTN, and the Crispi Summit II GTX. Thoughts on those? I really like a room toe box, and if it helps, I love the fit of Altra hiking & running shoes. Thanks in advance for any help!


Oct 17, 2022
Moscow, Idaho
Can't speak on those specific boots but I have worn both Crispi and Zamberlan boots. I tried the Zamberlan Saguaro 966 this year and thought they were a solid boot. unfortunately they did not like my feet. after a while my feet would start to cramp up and the front half of my foot felt crammed. My heel also slipped a bit in these boots and I developed blisters on my heels. I ended up selling them after 50 miles and getting a pair of Crispi Wyoming.

The crispi's have substantially more room in the toe box; almost too much but it hasn't been a problem. My heel also does not slip like it did in the Z's. been very happy with them however I wish they had a little more ankle support. Probably would go for the Idaho's next time for the extra height.

I believe however that the Briksdal is built on a different last than the wyoming so the fit is probably different. If you like a lot of room in the toe box then I would consider Crispi's.

For further comparison my foot fits perfectly in kenetrek Mountain Extreme.


Mar 16, 2016
I have the Zamberlan 980 Guides and the Crispi Nevadas.

I had my first pair of Zamberlans for 5 years before they gave out. I probably put 200-250 miles on them a season. Fit my feet well. Never had any issues with them leaking until I wore through the leather on the toe. The sole held up well in rocky terrain. Overall, no issues.

I have had my Nevadas for about six months. So far, zero issues. They have held up well and I am probably at 75 miles on them, maybe 100.

Comparing them, they both fit my feet well and neither caused any issues. The Crispi is more comfortable and does have a bigger toe box. I put the Nevadas on way more than the 980s. If you didnt take such a massive hit selling used boots, I would sell the 980s and get an extra pair of Nevadas.

I did switch the footbeds out after one hike on my Crispis. The Zamberlan footbeds fit my feet better but I switched them out after about 50 miles.
May 29, 2023
I’ve owned both and they are both high quality boots. It all comes down to fit. Crispi has several different lasts and they can fit radically differently. I’d try on a few pairs and buy whichever fit the best.