Colorado Unit 56


Oct 30, 2022
Hi all - new to Elk hunting and wanted some feedback on a unit that gets lots of driving pressure (Unit 56 CO). I have a cow tag for 2nd rifle, which is now.

My game plan two weeks ago was to head high in mountains and glass meadows from elevated ridges. I had a few spots that were holding elk and unlikely to get other hunter pressure. The snow moved in before season opening and the cows moved down.

As my backup, I have a spot with a resident elk population, with a ton of sign, two bulls sightings, and some great setup spots. Problem is that the resident elk have moved off the smallish area to private land either due to a little pressure or random movement. I’ve been hunting this area for 3 days. Sign is heavy but 1 week old or more though.

The rest of GMU 56 is cut by roads/and massive amount of hunters but there are pockets of areas where I could hike into and hunt/glass from. Supposedly the elk are down and moving around this area, while being pressured heavily.

I’d love some opinions. Should I stay in an area that currently doesn’t have elk but are close (1-2 miles away) and could come back? Or should I go after them in a heavily pressured area and try to find them by hiking?

Any advice opinion appreciated!

Dos Perros

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Jul 30, 2015
Lenexa, KS
If the options are to sit and wait for elk to show up, or get after elk you can hunt...I'll tell you I've tried the first one and regretted it. Go hunt dude!