Colorado 3rd season hunts with 0-3 PP...

May 29, 2012
Lewiston ID
Starting to do some research and have some good leads. I originally started building CO points thinking of cashing them in on an early high country hunt. However I'd like to save my Sept and Oct for deer seasons in WA and ID and the CO 3rd season doesn't conflict with other opportunities...

So now I'm researching 3rd season units to try and cash in on. I currently have 2 points. I hunted unit 35 2nd season in 2007 before I really knew how to hunt and missed an opportunity at a 170-175" buck and found lots of small deer but that was about it. The area we hunted was also extremely crowded and there's not a lot of area to get away from the crowds. We'd gone into the unit blind but still had a very fun hunt. I'm looking at heading back into 36/35 or a bit north in 18, 28, 37, 371. I'm hoping this time of year the aspens will of dropped their leaves, and the bucks will be out of the high country and in their transition zones chasing does.

I'm not looking for areas, but mainly herd status, private land concerns/access, and if these units are still conducive to spiking out that time of year or if car camping it would be best. Any info feel free to PM me. Whether its unit specific info or just 3rd season strategy info that would be great. Thanks.