Cheese and Dairy Products


Feb 25, 2012
Is there any place for these in a Diet?

I have been eating as proper as possible and training to get in shape to shoot a goat. I weighed 265 at 6 foot before christmas and I am now 238, I train 4 days a week, and dont take any off days as far as eating crappy food. I may eat the odd thing i shouldnt(mostly cheese lol) but i dont take a whole day off and stuff my face with processed crap. I am very happy with my progress given my work schedule. However....

Anyway, Heres my question. I fricking love CHEESE and Milk. And I miss them both, is there anyway i can incorperate these back into my diet without having to work twice as hard at the gym? if so how mcuh and what kinds.?

Feb 24, 2012
Rochester Hills, MI
Skim milk is a mix of protein and carbs, whole milk is carbs protein and fat. What kind of diet are you doing? Paleo like diet? Zone diet? "Clean" diet? many different factors to this. I ditched milk out of my diet altogether for a month to shock my body, then slowly reintroduced it. If you feel the same keep on keeping on, if you feel sluggish or have a food hangover, ditch the milk. Be your own experiment! Or just give yourself a day off to go eat some cheese and milk, 1 day isn't going to kill you, itll help keep you sane I promise.