Boyds stocks


Mar 2, 2012
SW, Washington
Does anybody have one or used one? Considering getting one on my Remmy 700 BDL. in 300 win. mag. Probably salt and pepper color laminate with the thumbhole.
Feb 25, 2012
I did some reading and research on them and pretty much everything I read said be ready to do some fitting and don't expect to just drop your barreled action in to even the "finished" stocks. I have been wanting to learn how to fit and bed a stock so I ended up ordering one for the Ruger M77 tang safety that my dad gave me when I moved back up to AK. It was his gun when he was still up here but since retiring to Alabama it hadn't been used and it was the rifle I took my first big game animal with. I never use it as I much prefer my stainless/synthetic for beating on but I do hope that he comes up and takes it hunting with me one of these days!

The semi-inleted stock is a LOT of slow work!! It may be faster for someone with a trained eye but the place where the action is most obviously not fitting is almost never the source of the problem. I work on mine when I need to relax and have an hour or two. If it gets frustrating then I put it down. I have purchased a basic file set with a rat tail, flat and 1/2 round which have been handy. Several different grades of sand paper and some foam sanding blocks along with a couple bits for my dremel for this project and by going slow have managed not to tear it up. Right now the bottom metal and mag box are about 90% and the action is fitted to about 95%. I have about 7-8 hours of dedicated work in it and figure I am today about where you would be if you started with one of their "finished" stocks. All in all I am happy. No doubt there are better stocks available (for a bunch more $$) but to me the learning process of this has been a ton of fun! I doubt I will touch it till the snow flies but this next winter she will get finished and glass bedded then I will work up a moose load for it.