Arcteryx and other random stuff.


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Feb 16, 2017
Getting ready to buy a house. We would have to work out shipping cost.
Arcteryx Arrakis 65. 325$ I love this pack but recently picked up a Kifaru for hunting and backpacking. It is bomb proof and I have been in the nasty nasty with it. Very comfortable from 30-75lbs of stuff. Only reason for selling is cause I got my new pack. This was a top of the line Arcteryx pack I got new about 4 years ago. It is as dry style bag.
-I added Molle attachments on the belt
-I added loops on the shoulder straps so you can remove the straps and belt and have a super nice polk harness.
-All zippers work fine I just had taped over the main compartment for canoeing.
weights about 5lbs
-can go from roughly 55lt to 75
-comes with axe holder and extra straps as well as soft shackels for use as a polk harness.

TopQuilt Cover/Liner 30$ I made like 5 of these and gave two away on HF. This is the same exact model. It adds probably 5-10'f of warmth. the video explains pretty well.

Snowpeak 1.4 Titanium pot with added bail mod. and aluminum cover. 35$

Marpat Camo Tarp. 11.8x 10. Velcro at the corners for line maintenence. Milspec material for the stake outs. 125$ with a sack.

I have a MSR hubba hubba C+ to B- condition for 150$
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