Antler dangling - anyone seen it?


Sep 6, 2020
Got my first elk yesterday. Was in an area where there aren’t many elk so I took the first one I saw. This one had one antler in the regular position, and the other antler was hanging beside his face. After getting closer, it was loose on his skull. Anyone seen this before? I figured maybe he picked a fight and lost / got his antler knocked loose. Figured with everyone on this forum, someone knows better than me. Thanks!
Sep 26, 2022
I first cammed a White Tail that wow, I thought it was growing non typical, pics were night time so it didn't show well. But the antler on one side came out of the top of the skull, then down along its face to the jaw.
Thinking wow would that be cool if this guy grew old, and big, what a unique buck it would be.
Well as the season went on, my opportunity at taking a big buck grew less and less as wolves and cougars moved into the area. I continued to try to hold out waiting for a big fella.
Last day of the season came, I hadn't seen a buck for for days, then I catch movement, yes it's a buck, so I take him. Better to go home with a buck than the whole season without.
As I approached the downed buck, much to my surprise, it's him, the poor thing wasn't non typical at all.
It's one antler had been broken inside the hide and off the skull, his head was swollen, and even at the end of November the injured side still held full velvet.
He must have fallen, fought, or nailed it on a tree but wow, he must have had one hell of a headache, I figure I took his pain away, but he sure tasted good !


Well Known Rokslider
Dec 20, 2020
I had one like that. Antler on one side was deformed and stunted also. Not sure what went in there.