4 Youth Idaho Mule Deer


Mar 25, 2022
Before anything sorry for such a long story but this is the story of 4 different deer over this last month.

After not being successful during elk me and some buddies planned a group deer hunt. We all were trying to get our friend his first deer. After hunting for 2.5 days without being able to seal the deal on one we were finally able to get into 400 yards on a group of does. We started trying to relocate them but it was just so thick. After jumping one at 50 yards we chased them up and over the ridge they popped over. We got over the top and was faced with some steep thick timber. After glassing through it for a few minutes we turned the deer up. They were 350 yards away bedded. We snuck in as close as we could and got set up. After 45 minutes of trying to talk my friend with bad eyesight onto the deer he finally located it. Putting a perfect shot right behind the shoulder he smoked it. We walked over to it and sure enough it was a tiny spike! We expected it to be a doe but he got his first buck! After getting some pictures and getting it all caught up we started our pack out. Not even 100 yards later a rock gave out under him and he rolled his ankle🤦‍♂️ with only a mile to go and it being a small buck me and a buddy loaded it up half and half and got it out of there.
2 weeks later me, my dad, little brother and good friend decided to try out a new area and go up for 4 days.e and my friend got up to the spot Wednesday night and got everything set up. We went and scouted some access points very quickly. On our way up we crossed some wolf tracks. We headed back to camp for the night after looking around a bit. Thursday morning we got up to our glassing point and heard howling before the sun was rising but unfortunately they were a ways off. The sun rose up and we instantly started spitting deer everywhere. Spotted a decent buck wider than his ears but never got a good enough look to tell how big he was. After hiking 7.5 miles we didn’t see a single other animal. We got back to camp after a long day and decided we should try out another spot. As we arrived at the new spot the next morning it looked like amazing country but we realized we had forgotten something. The freaking spotting scope! We were in some super open deer country without a spotting scope. We weren’t letting that stop us so we got up that morning and started glassing. After no luck with spotting a buck in a good spot to go after I spotted a buck crossing over a peak about 2.5 miles away. As he was crossing the sun was shining just right and we could see he was a good enough buck to go after especially for the last weekend. We watched him bed at the top and made a nice. We got to the base of the hill and began the hike. We began getting close and started sneaking as quiet as possible. After 20 minutes and no luck we started looking at our farther surroundings more and realized we had hiked the wrong ridge! After realizing what ridge we should be on we came around the top of the peak and sure enough there was the buck running up the other side of the valley at 400 yards. We got set up and my buddy smoked him. Sure enough he wobbled a bit and tipped over. My buddy killed his first deer ever!We had spooked him out of his bed and he was in a hurry but we got there just in the kick of time. As we walked over we saw how big of a body he had and it turned out to be a decent 3x3

After getting my buddies buck off the mountain we called it a day and headed back to camp. The next morning we went back and saw over 100 deer! Unfortunately not a single one was enticing enough to chase. After not seeing anything we were willing to chase we moved drainages and as the sun came up the next morning we instantly picked up a 4x4 skylined about a mile away and he was feeding towards us. Me and my buddy started moving quickly and got to where we last saw him. As we came around the ridge we last saw him we bumped 3 does and thought we were screwed. We continued a bit farther and I looked to my left. There he was at 200 yards with no clue we were there. I plopped my pack down and put 2 into him before he became skylined again and he tumbled down the hill. I had just smoked my first 4x4 as we stood back up to celebrate we realized there was 14 more does and 2 bucks in between us and where my buck was laying. As my brother still had a tag to fill we called my dad and told him the deer were headed towards them. Unfortunately another hunter beat them to it and they never got a chance. After they came over and joined us for pictures they went off and kept hunting. Not even 5 minutes after they left we saw the deer coming up from the bottom of the drainage we were in right to the meadow my dad and brother just walked through! Frantically we called my dad again and told him to turn around and get set up on the edge of the meadow. Sure enough they turned around and the deer came waking through the meadow at only 130 yards. One bullet and my brother smoked the buck in the group. We watched from where we were skimming my buck and watched my brothers buck fall over at only 300 yards away from us! He was a small 3x3 with a whole lot of funkiness everywhere. After me and my friend finished skimming my buck we headed over to help my dad and brother. After we had everything quartered we looked at OnX and we had a dreading 4.5 mile pack out.

Here’s a few pics of all the deer
First small spike(Friend from the group hunt)
Decent 3x3(Friend thay came with on the second trip)
Small funky 3x3(Little brother)
Decent 4x4(My buck)


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Sep 8, 2020
Man those are some awesome bucks. Congrats to everyone involved looks like a great time.