2nd Season Colorado OTC - Drop Camp


Jan 28, 2019
Myself and three buddies headed west for some good ol' fashion Colorado OTC hunting. I have done OTC in the past unsuccessfully including using an outfitter that was downright bad.
Here is a little background... I had booked a guided 2nd season hunt with an outfitter filling their cancellation. Upon further review the outfitter messed up and had to back out. Good guy, hold no ill will toward him bc it was an honest mistake. I was panicking a bit but knew at the end of the day diy wasn't a problem it just presented more challenges.
In the process of making some calls I got in touch with an outfitter who was willing to pack us in and drop us off. In the event we were to kill he would also be willing to pack out. Having had back and knee surgery over the years I am always a fan of the livestock option when it comes to elk. Last year I did a solo pack on a muley in one trip which was fun but a nice reminder I don't need to be a hero and if available I have the means to go the horse/mule option. So drop camp contract was signed and off we went!

To make a long story short... Colorado is a zoo, much more than I remembered. I saw an unreal amount of out of state hunters like myself on the road on the way in. We woke up opening morning to guys literally glassing 100 yards from our camp. Everyday I ran in to hunters local and nonresident. Everyone I ran in to I treated with respect and gave them space. I talked to everyone I could and even tried to offer to help pack out an animal to one successful hunter I ran in to. Karma is real, be good to your fellow hunter and it pays dividends. Karma plus the ability to hike, to be mobile, to shoot some distance, have a good attitude, and get some luck prevailed. I took this bull on the last day of the last hour of our hunt.


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Jan 5, 2022
Awesome. Nice going.

To me there's just nothing like having success on public land. Not only do you have the game and elements to account for, but also other hunters.

I'm at the stage in life wherein I could pay for access, guides, etc. But I'm still out there humping it on large blocks of public land. Just can't wrap my head around someone else doing the hunting for me, or in being constrained to one piece of ground for the season. I like to roam around. Also, I've met a lot of fantastic folks while DIY public land hunting. Generally meet good, honest folks who are willing to work hard. Filled a spot on a guided hunt once. Besides my buddy and the guides, most of the dudes in camp weren't the best company.