18x binos or BTX spotter

Feb 5, 2023
I'm looking to get some bigger glass for hunting in Western Montana. Currently testing the Maven 18x and have a vortex razor hd 16-48x spotter. It definitely gives me eye fatigue in within minutes.

Is it worth skipping the 18x and getting the Swaro BTX spotter? So I can glass longer distance than with an 18x. I could very noticeably see elk at 1-2 miles with my 18x over 12x but couldn't see horns. Was under a minute in my spotter before my eyes started to hurt.

Does having the BTX allow for hours of comfortable glassing?


Jun 29, 2020
Southern AZ
Does having the BTX allow for hours of comfortable glassing?
Yes. You can sit and look through them all day long. We do it all the time. Are they worth it over a 15x binocular? Depends. BTX is way heaver and larger but glassing distance increases greatly.

I know nothing of the Maven but you can sit behind Swaro or Meopta 15's all day. If you can't sit behind the BTX or the two 15's I mentioned something is wrong with you.


Jun 14, 2022
I haven’t looked through the mavens, but I’ve had a set of 18x vortex kaibabs and 18x vortex uhds. I ended up selling both of them pretty quickly because I was underwhelmed looking through them. Both binos never had the clarity at the distances you hoped to use them. I liked the concept, but I just don’t think 18x56 allows enough light in to be clear. I bought a pair of 15x56 slcs and have been happy with the clarity, but I eventually ended up moving in to a btx as well. I have a hard time being truly satisfied with what I have if I think there is something out there with a little more power. If you think you could have the same problem I would buy the btx and not look back