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  1. awbowhunter


    Blue Alpha Gear. Have 2 of them now for about 5 years. About the only belts I wear now.
  2. awbowhunter

    Iron Will June Giveaway!

    S100 Deer and Elk
  3. awbowhunter

    What UTV for hunting/trails/moab

    POLARIS GENERAL 1000 W/ enclosed cab.
  4. awbowhunter

    Manufacturer of Bino Stud?

    Can anybody tell me who the tripod adapter manufacturer would be for this bino stud. Bought these Swarovski 15x56 used with this on it. Need to by an adapter for tripod mounting. Binos are 2008 model. Thanks
  5. awbowhunter

    Morning sickness while hunting

    Although popular in southern huntings do know your not required to drink a case of PBR the night before.
  6. awbowhunter

    Motorcycle Hunting

    My CRF250L has got me alot of places faster and quieter than an atv. Gun or bow strapped to pack no issues.
  7. awbowhunter

    WTS Swarovski 15x56 SLC WB

    I will take these. PM sent.
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    Define a ‘DIY’ Hunt

    DIY? Well thats when all three of your hunting partners never make the hunt. West Nile, bad Knee, wrong tag....aaaand then you be DO IT YERSELF.. ..unsucessfully i will
  9. awbowhunter

    Non-foam Pelican Case Insert???

    After watching the video the only concern i might see, is once you have set your items and pulled vaccum on media bag it become unlike a foam insert it would be more likely to tranfer hard impacts to the case to your stored items. Foam inserts would absorb more impact away from stored...
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    Dang…was hoping this was going to be in Colorado!

    Its only a matter of time......
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    Sidearm or Not?

    I always carry a sidearm. No grizzlies.....solo hunting elk, archery, this past season, i was packed in for several days. Quite a few black bears in the area i was in. I woke up first night to a bear damn near standing over my head. It was at my head side of tent and moved said tent. A very loud...
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    The Best Money Can Buy

    I would figure out his bucket list once in a lifetime hunt....Then purchase gear accordingly.
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    As a Juror, would you vote to convict someone that killed a wolf?

    Do a google search of most rediculous laws and tell me you agree with ALL of them. Heck I read yesterday that in New York you will be fined for letting your car idle without being in it. HOWEVER, if you have remote start it does not apply??? They say its to reduce motor vehicle theft...but It...
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    As a Juror, would you vote to convict someone that killed a wolf?

    There are laws and then there are ethics. Sometimes the two dont align. And in this fruit cake day and age i lean toward ethics instead of unreasonable laws in some cases. As already mentioned, doubt I would clear jury selection, but if I did It would be a not guilty in my case. In the case...
  15. awbowhunter

    The do it all self-defense pistol

    I have a glock 19, 20, 21 and 43, along with others. If i had to sell all but one i would keep the 19. They all have a time to carry though. 😁
  16. awbowhunter

    Dogs Terrified of New Mounts

    This is my daughters dog tryimg to get to my mounts. Think she either wants to eat it, or play. First time her dog has been to my new house. Interesting how differently dogs can or do act to taxidermy..
  17. awbowhunter

    Which states prohibit or limit field-quartering of big game?

    So what constitutes processed for human consumption??? I mean if i skin and bone out meat, i might build a fire and meat will be humanly cosumed..😁
  18. awbowhunter

    Colorado wolves released today

    You meant " legally hunted " 😉 And i will refuse to EVER consider someone shooting a wolf poaching..JMO
  19. awbowhunter

    First Lite Born and Raised Break Up

    I thought i heard one of those fellas guest staring on episode of Young and The Restless..