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  1. RyanT26

    WTS Sika timberlines

  2. RyanT26

    WTS Sika timberlines

    Sika timberline in sub alpine 33T. No stains or signs of wear, all the zippers are good. Knee pads and suspenders included. 175tyd SitkaTimberline open country 32 tall. All the zippers and buttons are intact and in good shape. kneepads and suspenders included Have some small stains on lower...
  3. RyanT26

    Electrical Tape on muzzle?

    I think it’s necessary. No it does not affect point of aim. Black electrical tape works well enough for me. Unless you have a break, then you can use neoprene cover
  4. RyanT26

    New rules on posting spots? Really Rokslide?

    Terrific, where about was this? Please post state, unit, trailhead used, and Onx or gohunt map images. Thanks my dude! #freedomofspeech #wearenotchina
  5. RyanT26

    New rules on posting spots? Really Rokslide?

    It’s a great rule and I am glad it’s enforced. @Rfogelman656 please send me locations, short stories, and photo evidence of your success on your favorite and best spots.
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    This right here. I am just going to rattle can it anyway
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    If that’s correct, 18.5 rokstocks pay for a mold. Going off the hype I bet they could have got a couple more and been fine. I get why people don’t like preorders now, I won’t do another one.
  8. RyanT26

    The CPW Youth … err Secondary List is out.

    I might apply the neighbor kids for no more then it cost for a nonresident youth. Just to piss off some of you.
  9. RyanT26

    Need a new truck, what’s good?

    Not to Sidetrack the thread, but what the hell is with Ford and Cam phasers? I thought that was more specific to the 5.4. Does the 5.0 not have cam phaser issues?
  10. RyanT26

    Solutions for Maven, Drop Culture, and All Your Sadness

    My post was mostly sarcasm. I agree it’s pretty wild when scope manufactures actually make quality product with the options consumers want that it’s extremely difficult to keep them in stock. I hope whatever magic Maven put into their RS1.2 line makes its way to their other scope offerings.
  11. RyanT26

    Solutions for Maven, Drop Culture, and All Your Sadness

    Maven is taking the SWFA approach to scope sales. Make quality product-people love it- everyone wants one- make 38 scopes a year- scope sells out in minutes
  12. RyanT26

    CPW officially recommends fully limiting NR Archery- OTC Resident

    Eliminating NR otc archery tags was a needed change. I would be shocked if NR otc rifle tags don’t get taken away. Neutral point though if tag allotments are set so high.
  13. RyanT26

    WTS Aimpoint AcroP2 3.5 moa

    600 tyd
  14. RyanT26

    WTS Hawkins precision Hunter DBM and mags

    Hawkins precision Hunter DBM M5 inlet Rem 700 SA-Sold Hawkins precision Short action standard magazine $90 2- MDT Polymer 5rd mags $40 Everything was purchased from Red Hawk rifles just ended up going another direction on with it. Never been used.