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    Whitetail Hunter Looking for Arrow Advice for Elk

    You have more than enough. If those arrows are flying good, I wouldn’t touch it. That setup will work for any North American game animal. Like said before, pick a sharp broadhead. I prefer at least three blades but some swear by a two. Make sure it’s razor sharp and practice with a broad head...
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    Sold Vortex Razor HD 8x42

    Never used. Stored in a harness. Zero flaws. Has an outdoorsman’s stud. Comes with all original packing and materials. $500 shipped. PayPal friends and family. Please look over my feedback as a seller. Thanks.
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    Upgrading from Vortex to Swaro - Why?

    I’m kind of the opposite mindset on elk but mostly because where I hunt, they stick to deep, dark timber. If I’m going to locate them in there I need to catch the flick of an ear or a head movement, etc in the mess of trees, downfall, and brush. Plus with the lack of consistent light, I figure...
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    Upgrading from Vortex to Swaro - Why?

    They are phenomenal. I’m actually at Scheels now waiting for the 14x52 to be brought out to me. I might have a problem.
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    Upgrading from Vortex to Swaro - Why?

    I own 8 and 12 power NL Pure and will say they are night and day better than the Viper. But do you need them? Nope. My dad hunted (and so did I by default) with cheap Kmart binoculars his entire life and never thought twice. His scopes came from the same store. I have them because it was in...
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    WTS Kifaru packs

    Last bump and price reduction before eBay.
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    Sold Montana Knife/Kifaru Jackstone Knife

    Looking to get one of these blades. Not concerned with color. Thanks
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    Sold Two pairs brand new Vortex Razor HD Binos

    Bump. 8x42 still available
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    WTS Swarovski NL Pure 10x42 Like New

    Can’t believe these are still here. If I didn’t have 8 and 12 I’d be all over this.
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    WTB WTB Kifaru 44mag

    I just listed one a minute ago
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    WTS Kifaru packs

    Have the following bags and pack for sale. Price includes shipping. PayPal friends and family or Venmo. Please look over my seller feedback before paying. Glad to do a call or FaceTime. Everything is Ranger Green. Thanks. Maniml bag. Was mounted on a frame but never left the house. New...
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    Evolution Jekyll Experiences

    Update and further impressed. Took a couple of the Hyde heads out. Shot them at a couple layers of cardboard, 3/4 inch solid rubber, and a jug of water. Had a Sevr target behind all of it. I am shooting 60 pounds and these things blew through all of it and six inches into the target. And the...
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    Sold Two pairs brand new Vortex Razor HD Binos

    I’ve had these for almost a year and never used them. Have both powers in NL Pure and these were going to be truck optics. But I just can’t put the Swaros down so selling these. Both new with box and all materials. 12x50- $700 SOLD 8x42- $550 Prices include priority shipping. Payment by...
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    Swarovski Spotter vs $1000 Spotters

    There’s a reason it’s always Swarovski VS XXXXXX. It is way better. If you want to get close, it won’t happen in the 1k range. For me and where I hunt a spotter is an occasional use. I have the Meopta Meostar 82mm and the compact vortex razor. Razor stays in the pack and very rarely comes out...
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    Input on 4 fletch vane options

    Those are the two worst vanes I've ever tried to get to stick. Some stick and won't come off, others come off in flight. And I'm anal about prepping, even with no prep vanes. I buff the shaft with a scotch brite pad, clean it with alcohol, prime every single vane, and use the best glue I can...
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    Removing inserts with drill bit, safe arrows to use still?

    I salvaged a dozen arrows this way recently and have been shooting them in practice for a month now. Not a single issue except when I blow the shot and destroy them on a cinder block wall.
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    6.5 Creedmoor TMK Recommendations

    I appreciate that. I saw those but wasn’t clear if it was a TMK. They market it kinda strange. Like Browning is doing with theirs by basically marketing it as a target round. I mostly hunt archery and occasionally pick up my 7mag. Lately I’ve been getting real interested in gun hunting and...