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    Iron Will June Giveaway!

    SB100's elk and whitetail!
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    Fingers crossed for CO

    credit card charge pending.
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    Colorado OTC Archery Elk

    Just out of curiosity, what unit where you in that muzzy season?
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    Bow Hunting Turkeys

    I can measure next time i get out this week. I shoot through it on my knees, but im a smaller guy.
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    Bow Hunting Turkeys

    Its pretty sweet. Not tiny, gives you options and room to move, but not huge that its a pain to carry. MY only gripe is the piece of webbing running vertically through the middle window. Dont think it can be removed though.
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    Sold Iron Will SB 125 right, Day Six Evo 125, broadheads

    good deal on the iron will's. If they were left I would be all over them.
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    Bow Hunting Turkeys

    this is my go to for run and "bow" style. It stays in my turkey vest and it takes 30 seconds to deploy it. You have to kneel to shoot, but its fine. Otherwise Im in my blind, which I hate. I like being mobile. I did shoot a 19.1 lb with a 9-1/4" beard sunday out of my browning blind...
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    Lancaster shafts

    yep... really stinks. That was a huge draw to buy arrows from them.
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    Bohning A Nock vs Easton X Nock

    Ive switched from AAE IP nocks to Bohning A nocks. Better fit for me.
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    Colorado Elk Draw Advance Data availability

    Dont buy a ticket until you know, unless its refundable or you can make changes. Simple.
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    First time Bow Elk

    Whats with the nasal spray? Just curious.
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    2024 Elk Hunt Gear

    Nicotine. lol. But really - be prepared. Have a decent first aid kit. And I am not talking like a walmart first aid kit with 16 band aids and a packet of ointment. A lot can happen out there. I am small and get cold easily, so for me a good sleep system and plenty of good layers is a must.
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    How do you carry bow elk hunting CO? Bow Hitch worth it?

    depends on terrain. If i have my sissy poles in my hands, i have it over my shoulder with a mathews bow sling. If my poles are on my pack, the bow is in my hand. I curse the sling, but it does help especially on super long days in crap terrain.
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    WTS Vortex Ranger 1800 range finder

    Sold, thanks
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    WTS Vortex Ranger 1800 range finder

    Hey all. Got a new leupold as a gift. In terrific shape and not a thing wrong with it. Works very well. Comes in original box with case, belt clip, user manual, and MOA slope/drop card. I got rid of the cheap lanyard but I'm sure I can find one if you really need something. Lenses are...
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    Are City Firefighters Overpaid?

    I specifically feel that your income should be based on what your career contributes to society. We can certainly exist without professional sports and movies. We cannot exist without healthcare, protective services, and education. In my opinion it is not right that a teacher, who teaches...
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    Are City Firefighters Overpaid?

    With over 15 years as a volunteer firefighter, no they are not overpaid. Teachers are not overpaid. Healthcare workers are not overpaid. Sports players and actors and actresses are.
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    In my experience, no wind at all.. like dead calm....makes for a very quiet day with little critter movement. Maybe thats just me. I have a high location I am STILL trying to figure out since September. I am 100% convinced that these bulls are in his spot precisely because the winds are all...
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    Elk or Hunter?

    Dont get caught with your pants down. Best advice. Play them all like its the real deal (carefully) until you confirm with you eyes. Some bulls sound terrible. Some are unmistakable. Some are wimpy. Some are quiet. The best way to tell is to listen for inconsistencies in transitions of...
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    WTS Reloading Equipment & Component Lot Sale

    Interested in the RCB case master if you do wind up splitting.