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  1. Strider

    Rokslide style shooting match/challenge 7/20/24

    Awesome! Much more detailed than what we did. I like it! Shoots like this are a rude awakening. In a good way haha
  2. Strider

    What hunting rig are you running/how do you use it

    2011 Tundra with a leveling kit is the daily driver / work / hunting rig.
  3. Strider

    The Phenomenon Of Guns or Scopes Shooting Loose

    Not on a personal rifle but since March of this year I have seen two separate rifles come loose at the bases and another rifle have very loose action screws.
  4. Strider

    Rokslide style shooting match/challenge 7/20/24

    @Bluumoon @justinspicher My man! This is awesome. We need more of this around the country. Anyone in northwest Montana or near by let's get something on the books for next summer at least.
  5. Strider

    The realization of field shooting ineffectiveness

    I wish target acquisition was my problem. It's more the jerking really dirty while under pressure Hahaha. I've hunted since I could walk. Just never shot under a timer while being watched by 8 of my peers who I'm competing against. I have lots of dry fire and timed drill practice to do!
  6. Strider

    Blue Loctite Alternative??

    Thanks for the response! I did not know that.
  7. Strider

    Blue Loctite Alternative??

    Serious question. Are female threads in actions, rings, bases etc. Designed and machined to a spec that is airtight with the screws? Same question about helicopters and such? These have to be to spec right?
  8. Strider

    Blue Loctite Alternative??

    This is Rokslide gold right here boys.
  9. Strider

    The realization of field shooting ineffectiveness

    The goal for me was to challenge myself and my buddies. We all shoot TAC or Other 3d archery shoots every year but never practice with our rifles. As far as what gets people there. Competition, prizes, and food. We all pitched in and bought 3 more targets for it. Those were prizes for the top...
  10. Strider

    The realization of field shooting ineffectiveness

    We set up and tore down. It's a good work out. There is someone in my local mountains that has hung multiple plates in a couple drainages. Not all heros wear capes. Same. Each shot in the competition started standing all strapped in and rifle slung. We had absurdly long timers. Yet still that...
  11. Strider

    The realization of field shooting ineffectiveness

    Thank you. I spell worse than I shoot. That's saying something!
  12. Strider

    The realization of field shooting ineffectiveness

    All last winter I read the literary works of the "cult" leader / small caliber prophet @Formidilosus. I drank the kool-aid. Rebarreled my tikka to a 6.5cm and scrounged up a SWFA 3-9 and started buying ammo in bulk. My volume of shooting increased by 10x. I stopped letting my barrel cool. Shot...
  13. Strider

    50-500y 6.5 Black Bear Bullet

    Personally I would lean away from solid copper bullets. Bears are very light skinned & their lungs are nowhere near heavy bone or muscle. Not a great recipe for copper bullets and good expansion. I want the largest hole I can make. All bullets kill. Know the possible failure points of your...
  14. Strider

    Im going Tarp Bivy this year. Give me you tips and tricks

    @Clovis Has most of it. Here's my 2 cents. I went the tarp bivy route a couple years ago. For quick 1-3 night mild weather trips it is the way. I dont use a dst but have spent a handful of nights under them. I almost always pitch it where one corner is tied off to a tree at about chest high or...
  15. Strider

    OnX Terrain X Beta not working?

    I have the exact same problem.
  16. Strider

    Chronograph in Central Oregon?

    If you can't get a chrono use @Formidilosus method of truing MV. I have been using it and it's working great. Start at post #4 on how to true MV
  17. Strider

    In vehicle navigation while hunting

    Best I found was Gaia on my phone. Phone velcroed to the dash. Gaia keeps your location centered on the screen and has USGS Topo map layers. Hard to beat having real time navigation on an actual topo map.
  18. Strider

    Vortex Razor LHT? 3-15

    Short answer is yes. I posted earlier in this thread about my experience with LHT. I also had the LH. It saw little to no actual field use and wouldn't hold zero. When I sent it in they said it was broken and sent me the LHT.