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  1. renagde

    WTS Zpaks Classic Sleeping Bag 5°

  2. renagde

    WTS Hoyt RX-7 Wilderness 60-70

  3. renagde

    WTS Sitka Core Lightweight Long Sleeve

    Selling my Sitka Core Lightweight long sleeve shirt in size small. Good condition with minimal piling and a few thread pulls. It's been used but not abused and doesn't have any holes or anything. Perfect for someone just starting out. Asking $30 tyd, buyer covers fees.
  4. renagde

    WTS Zpaks Classic Sleeping Bag 5°

    Selling my Zpacks Classic Sleeping bag. This is a custom 5° bag, 900+ fill and weighs under 23oz on my scales. This is a standard width and medium length (fits up to 6' according to their website). 3/4 length zipper runs along the bottom, so you can use it as a quilt or zip up when it's cold...
  5. renagde

    WTS Hoyt RX-7 Wilderness 60-70

    No thanks.
  6. renagde

    MDT Chassis replacement buttpad

    Finally got around to shooting my 7 PRC since installing this pad. World of difference. Super comfortable to shoot, absolutely worth the money.
  7. renagde

    Kifaru Bino Harness Review

    No signs of wear in mine. Medium would be perfect for your 10x42s.
  8. renagde

    WTS Hoyt RX-7 Wilderness 60-70

    I am selling a used Hoyt RX7 Wilderness, right hand, 60-70lbs. Comes with both the #2 and #3 mod for it. Will also come with Hoyt cam shims, peep installed and the original stubby stabilizer. Strings have just been changed for brand new Vapor Trail strings and they've hardly been shot in. I can...
  9. renagde

    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Just the stove without stove pipe or damper is 27.25oz on my scales. That’s the 18” version. I also make a damper setup that is very similar to the Seek damper.
  10. renagde

    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Awesome picture man! Thanks for the update.
  11. renagde

    Sold Kifaru Hellbender CB Brand New

    Selling a brand new kifaru hellbender. Its coyote brown and is brand new, has never been on a frame. Includes all the buckles and straps. Asking $325 tyd buyer covers fees. Only trade would be for an OG Stryker with cash on your end.