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  1. JK47

    What do you do with your Ivory

    We had mine made into necklaces.
  2. JK47

    Any New ideas for backpacking food/snacks?

    My wife makes these little guys: peanut butter, dry oats, chia seeds, honey, and usually M&M’s….mix it all together in a big bowl and form little balls out of it. I don’t know exactly how she does it, but they’re pretty dang good.
  3. JK47

    Rip TKO arrows

    I bought a dozen RIP SS a couple weeks ago. Went with Iron Will 50 grain HIT’s with 25 grain collar. I haven’t had issues so far…knock on wood. But I did basically what you guys did, score, clean(I used alcohol), air out, clean swabs till they stayed clean. Then used AAE Max Impact insert...
  4. JK47

    Nosler E Tip loading problem

    I have an old Tikka M695 .270. I love that gun but haven’t tried any all copper bullets in it.
  5. JK47

    Wrist Strap Releases

    I picked up a Spot Hogg Wiseguy from the classifieds. I love it.
  6. JK47

    Iron Will June Giveaway!

  7. JK47

    Backyard buck

    PET….or EAT? Hard to interpret with spellcheck these days…..
  8. JK47

    Nosler E Tip loading problem

    I never had that issue with the E-Tips out of my .308, but I also changed over to the Barnes TTSX. Grouped better with the same velocity.
  9. JK47

    WTS 12 Victory RIP 50 grain Inserts

    One dozen factory inserts for Victory RIP arrows. These are for .204 ID arrows. New, never installed. $20 shipped.
  10. JK47

    Team elk thoughts?

    I have the EXO K3 frame with 4800ci and 3200ci bags. Which bag I use is dictated by what I’m doing that particular trip. Very versatile. Can swap bags in a few minutes. I haven’t tried the other brands. Haven’t seen the need to. Mine has been flawless. You can find pretty good deals in...
  11. JK47

    Kenetrek vs. Crispi vs. everything else

    No worries. I always have a new pair on standby.
  12. JK47

    Kenetrek vs. Crispi vs. everything else

    They’re worth the cost, in my opinion. Their customer service is outstanding. I’ve had a couple pairs resoled and they do great work. Just don’t leave them sitting outside where the sun bakes them for hours…..I left a pair outside for a week and my size 12’s turned into 9’s.
  13. JK47

    Kenetrek vs. Crispi vs. everything else

    I wear Kenetrek Mountain Guides day in and day out. I live in them. I wear them at work, at play and even with shorts. Flat, hills and all terrain in between, the Kenetreks are great. They are stiff. But I’ve never thought about how stiff they are while wearing. Only how comfy my feet...
  14. JK47

    Your Elk Hunting Rifle

    Look on the bright side….all you gotta do to get in elk shape is lug that heavy dude up and down the mountain. Definitely a nice rig despite the pounds.
  15. JK47

    Best footwear

    Kenetrek Mountain Guides. I basically live in mine. Work and play. They fit my feet like a glove right out of the box. I keep a pair of gaiters at all times. I may pick up some Asolo’s to try. I have some buddies that like them.
  16. JK47

    Budget Rain Gear For Late Season Elk?

    I have a set of Frogg Toggs I use for work. Can’t remember the model or what not. It wasn’t their cheap stuff. It’s pretty tough and repels water well. Pretty breathable as well. I’ve had my set for 3 years. Haven’t failed me yet.
  17. JK47

    Looking For Suggestions - (Elk) Mountain Rifle Build Shooting Copper

    I have a Savage 110 Ultralight. It’s a great rifle. Got mine to beat up hunting in the mountains instead of ruining my wood stocked rifles. My caliber is 28 Nosler. It’s a great round for me and what I hunt. Lots of factory loads out there. I handload, and the load I settled on pushes a...
  18. JK47

    Arrow Build

    This is a timely thread. I’m needing new arrows as well. Leaning towards the RIP SS. Shooting 81 pounds now. 29 1/4” draw. Gonna go with 250 spine. I was gonna run the RIP TKO’s, but with my draw weight/length, I can send a heavier arrow with gobs of energy and still have respectable...
  19. JK47

    WTS Spott hogg wise guy

    I’ll take it. PM sent.