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    Sold XLR ELEMENT 4.0 Magnesium Chassis

    I am only selling the complete stock. Thanks for asking.
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    Sold XLR ELEMENT 4.0 Magnesium Chassis

    Selling my new chassis, it fits a Remington short action. Comes with the action screws and Accurate magazine. This chassis comes with everything in photo's including the thumb shelve. Selling due to not caring for the chassis platform, thought I would give a try. Shipped to your door in USA...
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    If it's the area I hunting 3 years ago and burned my points on send me a PM. I can provide some information.
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    Leica Geovid Pro 10x32 ***Updated 10/17/22***

    Thank you parshal. I did not realize that, see link below page 6. Makes sense now!
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    Leica Geovid Pro 10x32 ***Updated 10/17/22***

    Has anyone experienced any issues with there barometric sensor? I have the Pro 32 and the 2700's both readings are roughly 2 inhg low compared to the local weather station. i.e the Pro's read 27.62 (inhg) and the local station is 29.89 (inhg)?
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    Sold Swarovski STX 95 New

    May be interested, can't send you a PM for some reason. Craig
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    WTS Kimber model 8400 "Special Ducks Unlimited" bolt-action rifle.

    Just gauging interest to see if its worth posting on here for sale. A used Kimber 300 win mag 8400 ducks unlimited version, topped with a 4-16-44 Vortex Viper with a CDS dial. No more than 50 rounds through the barrel. Chambers .300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action with Full Length Mauser Claw...
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    Range finding binocular question

    I have the Geovid HD-R version purchased roughly 3 years ago the glass is impressive for my eyes. The only issue I have had is this year, I was hunting when a cold front came through and I could not get the range finder to provide any readings. I had a brand new battery, only when the...
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    Wyoming Unit 89

    Thanks for the heads up. I do have OnXMaps, I have also been looking how broken up private vs public lands are. Do you know how the trophy quality in the unit is? Thanks,
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    Wyoming Unit 89

    I was wondering if anyone has some input regarding this unit. The draw is not out yet, but going by last years draw for non-residents it looks to be a 100% draw for me. Probably a once in a lifetime tag for me. I have been scowering the inter web and find limited info. Does anyone have any...
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    ID Lolo Zone

    Great question guy's, seems that you have done some of the homework required. I hunted the LOLO for several years and finally gave it up about 4 years ago as well. We have killed bulls in there every year and some great ones at that. To be really honest it has been going down hill for several...
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    Montana Elk Hunt

    The worry about the roads with a 2 wheel drive is with the gravel/rocks when you loose a little traction and your tires spin, when that happens it can cut your tire causing a flat. 4x4 don't spin nearly as much. The roads over there a pretty much all gravel to all the trail heads with little to...
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    sixteen below montana deer hunt.

    Jason, our first year over in Eastern MT we thought the same thing about them bedded on the south side when it was that cold, but what we found was actually the oppisite. They were bedded in the snow in the shade, it did not seem to matter the temp. In fact we found that they chose the snow over...
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    sixteen below montana deer hunt.

    We were over there as well during the same time period and it was cold that's for sure. What worked for us was glassing from the road side "truck" we use good glass for bino's and spotters. We would take our time and glass for a while just when we thought nothing was there we would move anywhere...
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    Glacier Country Calls

    Hey Tim, I guess the answer I would give is, if you suck at diaphragms It will not matter on which one you use you will still suck. Sorry had to say it, diaphragms take practice. With practice you will improve and will be able to make the most realistic sounds. As far a Glacier Country Calls...
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    Glacier Country Calls

    I just wanted to give a big thanks to Troy with Glacier Country. We were able to get together last night in Spokane, WA and call freestyle like. We mimic real elk, each other, and the kids were rocking it out as well. Wow the shop was loud and I did not think about recording any of it to share...
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    Glacier Country Calls

    I would recommend in order for a newer caller 1) Orange Enranger 2) Deadly Weapon 3) Watermelon
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    Elk Calls

    I use Glacier Country Hunting calls as well. He makes the best doubles in my opinion, and has the most elky sound.
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    Video recap of elk hunt 2013

    Thanks everyone! The link is still working for me, interesting.