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    Has anyone used their bear spray?

    In the fall I hang drift fence on trees on the edge of my field. I use baling twine as I have a lot of it. My problem is that one of my cows has developed a habit of eating the twine and dumping the fence. I figured maybe she needed a deterant so I bought bear spray and spiced up the twine. I...
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    F&*kin Pack Rats!

    I have had success with an ought foot trap in a 5" stove pipe placed up against a wall. They can't seem to avoid the opportunity. They also seem to come in groups of 3-5. Be patient ! My barn cats won't touch them so you have to do something. Like someone said they tend to stockpile poison...
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    Is a 30 cal big game rifle needed anymore?

    I don't think 30 is critical but if you are coming from ground zero I would go to the local stores and look at the choices and volumes of ammunition. Then of those with adequate supplies and choices of bullets, I would look for friends or shooting clubs that would allow you to try some out. Talk...
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    Remington sell ammunition arm of Co.

    I keep waiting for the day that the democrats are declared the enemy of the US and the Chinese are accused of biological warfare with their drugs. I 'm not sure we have anyone in DC working for us.
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    Backcountry Hot Tub

    The only backcountry hot tub I remember was the snake river below Pittsburg landing. They would shut of the damns and drop the river level 6-8 ft. It would reveal circular openings in the rock and the sun would heat it up. When we were done the dams would open up and flush them out for the next...
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    Climate change...deer numbers

    That looks a lot closer to reality. This weekend I have seen more deer dead on I-90. Similar to the 1970s. Now if we could just get the deer to move out of town.
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    Any of you have a list of your Firearms?

    A number of years ago my gunsmith was grumbling about an inspection from the BATF. Because of his firearms license, he had to report every gun that he worked on to the BATF (a behind the scenes gun registration that you get whether you want it or not). I prefer to make a couple copies on paper...
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    Never Forget…🇺🇸

    As an old friend of mine once told me--" they never told us that we couldn't".
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    License Fraud help!

    In the 70s I had a similar circumstance. I was living and working part time in Spokane. I was going to U of I as a non- resident. However in the middle of that I paid Montana resident income taxes and Montana resident plates on my rig. Those were the two points that I moved along on until I...
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    Single Riding Horse for 3 days In

    I can pack an entire camp for 4 in 4 miles with two pack horses as long as I have packed in hay and cut wood ahead of time.
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    Single Riding Horse for 3 days In

    Everything you can see here I can cover in 4 hours.
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    Single Riding Horse for 3 days In

    I cover 14-18 miles a day with what you see.
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    Single Riding Horse for 3 days In

    Once I learned to set a double diamond hitch a lot of the saggy baggy issues went away. I would say that the rodeos usually started at the first creek crossing. After that things tend to settle down.
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    Fair Chase

    In the land of early snow, later seasons mean fewer hunters. We don't have hardly any trails and the majority of the FS roads are closed October15th. I rarely see any other hunters. Just getting anywhere requires an understanding of the landscape. There are places you just can't get there from...
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    Big Whitetail From Illinois in Basement for over 30yrs

    I wish it was illegal to sell antlers. As soon as you can put a price on antlers, you have degraded our lifestyle. I have many sets of antlers in my barn. Each one brings back the memory of where, when and who I was with. When I die the antlers will go away to the dump, never have been measured...
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    I understand entirely. There was a lot of bird hunting, dozer operating and hours of helicopter time. I have some background sounds in my ears but my real loss are the high frequencies that correspond to really annoying women. Especially when they are pissed. I understand horses best when they...
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    "Funny" TSA Thread

    I remember one when one of my friend had been on a consulting job at a mine. He put his mine boots in a plastic bag and then into a garbage sack with his diggers. Going through the line the TSA sensors picked up the scent of explosives on the boots and confiscated them. I just don't know where...
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    Colorado Wolverines

    Endangered species act- bucket biology at its best.
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    "Funny" TSA Thread

    You gents bring back memories. When this insanity started I remember being in the Salt Lake City airport. Three arabs in flowing robes walked through the gate while a very elderly lady on crutches was pulled aside for a complete pat down. The only way that old girl was a risk to anyone was if...
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    "Funny" TSA Thread

    My most recent TSA experiences have lead me to avoid flying at all costs.