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  1. madgrad02

    Suppressor wait times

    What timeframe are folks typically waiting to call and check on the status? I have mine in a 2 party trust (myself and the Mrs - to be able to take hunting with the kids - maybe that was a poor choice given all the individual ones going through so expeditiously). Sitting at 211, 191, 155, and...
  2. madgrad02

    Harvester EVO for $394.15!

    I'm #658... so hopefully there's some action shortly... maybe soon enough to get batch approved with the other 3 I have in jail (Scythe, Sparrow, and Razor 556)... day 169 for the longest - not that I'm posting attention!!! 🤣
  3. madgrad02

    Harvester EVO for $394.15!

    What order numbers were these recent shipments?
  4. madgrad02

    WTS 30cal muzzle brakes

    Bear Creek brake - sold.
  5. madgrad02

    New Deck

    Trex has hidden fasteners as well... just redid my a few years back. Sucks were moving, so I'll start that process over in a year or two at the new house.
  6. madgrad02

    WTS The pay it forward / free gear thread

    I'd go with the rattle bag and sling if still available
  7. madgrad02

    Suppressor wait times

    Ugh - seeing all these short approvals (days, and in some cases hours) leaves me with such mixed feelings... on one hand, happy for all those that are getting quick turnarounds... seemingly those with a singular trust are getting through expeditiously. I envisioned them being able to be used...
  8. madgrad02

    Why is my dishwasher leaking?

    I am not sure if it is the same situation, but we had a similar issue with our dishwasher awhile back and it related to the drain hose and it's orientation not allowing an adequate amount of water to drain and pooling in the bottom of the dishwasher while running
  9. madgrad02

    FNG from Wisconsin

    Welcome from Columbia County - though moving a short distance to Dodge County by the end of the month!
  10. madgrad02

    Harvester EVO for $394.15!

    That is what I was assuming (far from an expert as I still don't have any released from jail yet), but that is just the cost of the can (shipped to your FFL). From there, they will likely charge a processing fee for the transfer and getting it into Silencer Shop (whom my FFL uses), and then...
  11. madgrad02

    Harvester EVO for $394.15!

    No way that includes the tax stamp as well - I didn't see that... if that is true, I can see myself ordering more! ;)
  12. madgrad02

    WTS Vortex VMX-3T

  13. madgrad02

    Harvester EVO for $394.15!

    Have 3 waiting on jail... why not 4... got one on order (#658).
  14. madgrad02

    Suppressor wait times

    Glad I'm not the only one who had a heart palpitation after seeing that email... oh well, hopefully sooner than later... sitting at like day 140 for the oldest
  15. madgrad02

    Weird Racks

    Have you ever seen the movie Total Recall? 🤣
  16. madgrad02

    WTS 30cal muzzle brakes

  17. madgrad02

    WTS Vortex VMX-3T

  18. madgrad02

    Silencerco Scythe TI review

    Enough bragging already... sitting at 137 days for my Scythe... (118 days for my Sparrow, and 82 days for my Rugged Razor - not that I am keeping track 🤣). All jokes aside, just kidding! Congrats! Maybe the man will "grant" me that privilege in the near future - there is hope! 🤞
  19. madgrad02

    WTS Hunt Arsenal RZR Magnum Saddle Hunting Platform

    Sold - Pending Funds Up for grabs is a basically unused RZR Magnum. Had it on a tree one time in the yard, just never got to practice with it enough to get into my repertoire. Comes with original box and everything that came from Hunt Arsenal. Have other pressing projects i could use funds for...