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  1. OR Archer

    Apple Archery Arrow Saw Jig

    If you know anyone who has a 3D printer they could probably make you one.
  2. OR Archer

    Athens Archery closes doors

    If they’re not being sued currently by Mathew’s over their “bridgelock” system I’d be shocked. With everything that’s transpired with BowTech this past year it makes me believe that their parent company is having financial issues of some sort. Athens should have done more due diligence on...
  3. OR Archer

    Replacing Mathews Strings

    🤦‍♂️ that’s just plain dumb. Order a set from a reputable maker. They’ll build you a complete set including the yokes. I personally wouldn’t put parts of two different string sets on my bow unless it was an emergency rebuild to get back hunting.
  4. OR Archer

    Nock Bushing

    First what arrow are you shooting? That would be where we need to start if we’re going to recommend a bushing. Nock bushings are going to be made of aluminum. Tungsten is stupid heavy and would not be a good material for a nock bushing.
  5. OR Archer

    Restarting bowhunting after 5 years of rifle only hunting, help appreciated selecting new gear

    Just something to consider if you are pulling 33” and want to shoot 80# on some models you are going to have a harder time getting an arrow that’ll tune well. Your options in shafts, just like bows, will be limited. I’d personally suggest staying with a 70# bow for that reason.
  6. OR Archer

    Starter Bow

    I’ve worked on a few of the Amazon knock off bows over the years and you really get what you pay for with them. Not worth the money IMO. I would just go with a regular genesis. If this is just a bow she’s going to use for that purpose of a physical education requirement it’ll be just fine even...
  7. OR Archer

    Dialed Axros vs Fast Eddie XL 2 pin?

    The axis adjustments and wheel lock on the Dialed are straight up garbage. For a $500 sight they need to address those problems. Go with the Spot Hogg. They’re just an all around better right. So many other good options before choosing a Dialed.
  8. OR Archer

    Building my own Carbon Frankenbow for 2024

    Ah I misunderstood your build. Thought you were trying to put those cams on a Hoyt.
  9. OR Archer

    Building my own Carbon Frankenbow for 2024

    One thing I think you may have overlooked is the axle size. The PSE uses a 1/4 axle and the Hoyts do not. You would have to drill out the limbs and I don’t think I would advise that.
  10. OR Archer

    Need the wisdom of a Bowtech carbon icon owner!

    Top cam only will have the stop.
  11. OR Archer

    Easton Match Grade Outserts

    Very nice. It’s about time they made some improvements to their half out system
  12. OR Archer

    2024 Bows?

    The Title is a target bow so I’m not sure how that plays into a hunting bow conversation. Different ball game there.
  13. OR Archer

    Youth Bow compound vs recurve

    Keep it simple. I’d get them Genesis bows personally. Either the mini or the regular depending on their size. You can get them in a kit with arrows, quiver, and arm guard for $225. Awesome bows for kids to learn with.
  14. OR Archer

    2024 Bows?

    I think we all know a guy too 😂😂
  15. OR Archer

    2024 Bows?

    That’s quite the preloaded limb on the new Mathew’s. Interested to see what the claimed IBO will be on them.
  16. OR Archer

    Help with cam timing issue SS34

    I’d pull your main string and measure it. Might need to take a few twists out of it.
  17. OR Archer

    Help with cam timing issue SS34

    Those marks are ball park at best. If the bow is in spec and making weight don’t worry about the marks on the cams. As far as the draw length portion goes there’s a few things that can factor into that. One is that your bow wasn’t actually in spec before changing the strings. Two your loop...
  18. OR Archer

    HHA Tetra Max RYZ Sight Review

    You can buy an adapter and put an XL Ultraview housing on it. That’d give you the option of switching between a single or multi pin configuration by using the different pin cartridges that UV offers for their housing.
  19. OR Archer

    Easton Carbon Raider Platinum Arrows

    Those will be as close as you’ll find from Easton now.
  20. OR Archer

    Elite Ethos

    I wouldn’t quote me on that. I can’t find where I originally saw the info now so I could be off base lol